You start at the very beginning….

Hello and welcome!

There are a gazillion helpful snippets of information regarding how to set up your blog and even how and what to write in your first post, however, I am a strong believer in starting at the very beginning (if you sang that like you were in the sound of music we are going to get on well!). This is my beginning.

I don’t believe in being an expert the moment you start your blog, I believe that you learn as you go and some mistakes are meant to be made. I will at some point talk rubbish and produce rubbish photos and I want you to share it all with me because everyone is nervous at the beginning but you will see that if I can do it then anyone can! Also, we can look back on them and laugh……hopefully!

I wanted to show you my work space and practised setting it up last week so you could feel like you were there with me, however I neglected to take photos of my arrangement and then the room caught fire (not a joke, it actually did!), a pesky lamp decided to leap from the chest of draws and onto the floor, turn itself on and ignite the matress, it truly was a disco inferno in that room! Luckily we all got out, me, and the animals were at home, Penguin (my boyfriend, not his real name!) Rushed home from work.

So I had to improvise for my picture, remember the part when I said you produce crappy pictures at the beginning? Well ta-da!

Books and hot chocolate
Notebooks and Hot Chocolate

This is my offering to you! Currently, all the stationary I own that isn’t just a pile of ash!
I think the main thing about your first post is to just write it. No, it won’t be perfect. No, you won’t have a bazillion followers from it and no, it won’t make you a fortune but you will break out of your comfort zone and you will have started something special!

When something is new it’s hard to gain a sense of what it’s all about, you only get a snippet of it so I urge you to come back again and see what I have in store for you!

What do you think about writing the first post? Did you wing it or plan it meticulously? Or are you still considering it?

Until next time…….

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