Such a cool word (1)

I love words. Do you? I’ve not got a massive vocabulary but that doesn’t stop me from finding words facinating. I like the way some of them sound, or where they originate from. Have you ever seen dictionary corner on countdown? I would live there, just casually flicking through dictionaries, using extravagant words when simple ones would suffice!

I have decided to enhance my vocabulary by learning 1 new word a week, this includes English and other languages. Now I know that doesn’t sound like much of a challenge but you have to do these things at a reasonable pace, or you will just forget them. I shall share my word with you dear friends and challenge you to use it during the week and let me know how it goes! 

This weeks chosen word is – 

Word and meaning
Dittohead Definition

It’s origin is pretty interesting, it’s actually a fairly new word, it seemed to come from an Amcerican radio show in the 1990’s featuring a DJ named Rush Limbaugh, who encouraged callers to begin their calls with expressions that are based on the word ditto.

I mean, come on?! Dittohead! That’s an amazing word! You can use it in so many ways, “You Sir, are a dittohead” or “aww, you are a dittohead sometimes”. So many possibilities.

So there you go, there is your new word, now go forth and use it!

Until next time……


5 thoughts on “Such a cool word (1)

  1. Today I shall be putting the word ‘Dittohead’ to good use …I may also be asked to leave the premises by the uninitiated to whom the word has no meaning LOL


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