Luna’s life…

Luna dog

Hi everyone,

I’m Luna the Old English Sheepdog, I live in this mad house with loads of other animals, you will hear from all of us I’m sure.

Today I went to the groomers, I did my best to be brave and I even greeted them with my tail wagging and everything. I don’t mind going because I get lots of cuddles and they are my Mum’s friends so I am always on my best behaviour, but, whenever I come out I feel, sort of, breezy! I have to sit down quickly to stop the wind getting where I don’t want it to be! So embarassing!

I spend a long time growing and perfecting my shaggy look and my parents have it cut off! Get’s on my nerves really. Although at least I can now see. I shall sulk all afternoon and demand lots of attention by huffing really loudly and using my puppy eyes that I know my parents can’t resist!

Did you see my bandana? It’s really cool isn’t it? I love wearing bandanas, lots of people stop and talk to me to tell me how pretty I am when I’m on my walk and I love them all. Not husky type dogs though, I don’t like them at all, I don’t trust their faces. I got bitten by one once, I wanted to claim for emotional damage as there was no physical damage but apparently thats not a ‘thing’ for dogs. Can you believe that? I shall continue my stance against them until one of them apologises for their breeds behaviour. Want to know the worst part? My parents still love them! What the hell? I’m traumatised and they don’t even pay any attention to it. Rude.

Right, I’m off for my walk now, wonder who I will see? I hope my homeless friend is there, he always gives me lots of cuddles and Mum says we can take him some dinner next time we know he’s about. He might even share it with me!

Speak to you again soon,

Love Luna xx

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