Such a cool word (2)

I absolutely love this weeks word, not only does it feel good to say, it is impressive to hear too. The first time I heard this word was on a programme called ‘Child Genius’ where a bunch of super talented kids prove their intelect against each other (some because they love it and some because their parents are insanely pushy!). I had to look it up to see what it meant!

Cool word!

Autodidact, say it, feels cool huh? I love it! so my ¬†challenge to you is to use this word in conversation this week. So far I have used it once today, I told a cold caller that I did not have any debts as I choose to learn autodidactally as I feel it really helps me to absorb the knowledge rather than attend an adult education centre! Haha! How pretentious did I sound? Bet they won’t call again though! I taught them a new word today, they seemed ggreatfu.

What do you think? A good word?

Until next time…..


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