Nimbus’ revenge!

I am Nimbus, I’m 15 years old, pedigree ragdoll and general mischief maker! I have had many homes before I settled in this one, 4 years ago. I shower my people with lots of love and purring, which seems to please them enormously, however, I am also a bit of a git when I want to be.

Nimbus enjoying the sun

I am very handsome though so I can absolutely do whatever I want. And I want to be annoying! I love to walk across my parents heads at night, knock stuff off the bedside cabinets and make as much noise as I can until they get up and feed me. But they only fed me a short time ago so they actually just pretend to put more food in and put the bowl back down. I praise them by purring loudly and eating my food. They are silly but I can see on their faces how much they love this game, all squinty eyes and using bad words. Bless them. I have also decided that I want an en suite, now most cats have litter trays, I have one too but I feel far to superior to use it, so I like to wee in the shower…..and the bedroom…..and the lounge…..and the hall way. When it comes to pooing my favourite thing to do is poo in several places and then leg it aroud the house as fast as I can. All hell brakes loose, my people run round the house like maniacs trying to stop the dogs eating it and me spreading it any further. That will teach them to try and tell me where I can and can’t go to the toilet, this is my house!

They can’t stay mad at me, I’m to sweet! I simply climb on their laps for a cuddle and all is forgiven. Wrapped around my finger they are!

Cat shaming Nimbus!

Got to go, just heard the sound of a fork, fork means food, I must attend this soiree!

Until next time…..


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