Why I feel my blog is already failing….

So here we are, a few posts in and already I feel like this doesn’t represent me or my writing abilities at all! How do I remedy this? For starters, I have chucked out my original plan which was 5 weeks worth of blog post ideas because I read a lot about blogs and planning and how important it is to plan posts waaaaaay in advance to ensure you are never stuck ย for ideas. Well, that’s just not me, I am spontaneous and awful at planning and I want to write what I want, when I want. So, dear friends, that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Autumn leaves
Me admiring the leaves gathered by my front steps.

The picture above is more ‘me’, I stopped for ages to look at the autumn leaves, nature inspires me. You will see more of this (and more of my feet if you are lucky!!).

I hope you will stick with me through all this and watch my blog unfold into something I can actually be proud of. Prepare yourself for spontaneity, creativeness, ideas, shenanigans and probably quite a lot of hot beverages! I welcome your ideas and input, please comment if you have anything to add. I will be keeping my great words posts but I will write about them when I find them so you can share in the excitement with me.

Thank you for your help so far.

Until next time……



2 thoughts on “Why I feel my blog is already failing….

  1. Always write what / when you want anything else wouldn’t be true to your spirit, that way your excitement will always shine through
    PS OMGOODNESS your shoes !!!!! … pray please tell where did you get them from they are AWESOME x


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