10 writing prompts about nature!

As previously discussed I shall be offering you writing prompts occasionally. I have theamed them. I find them useful to just dive straight in and write, you never know what you might discover!

1) The fox stood there snarling, exposing a set of pearly white fangs.

2) As the sun rose and filled the valley with beams of light she softly exhaled.

3) What if badgers were civilised and held dinner parties?

4) That bloomin squirrel is at it again!

5) Tree trunks, when unravelled tell a story of all the things the tree has been whitness too.

6) It was the feeling of the leaves crunching under her bare feet she liked.

7) The gambling hedgehog as in debt again.

8) Since birds took over the postal delivery system things have been much faster, more poop on the mail though.

9) He had the ability to transform into a fox. The only problem is that he was allergic to animal hair.

10) The icy cold wind pinched the tip of his nose.

There you go! Even if you don’t write about this subject, just try it, you might surprise youself. I would love to see what you do with them!

Until next time…..


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