Chickens love pumpkins!

I have to share this with you, my chickens have had a rather exciting week this week! I have 7 bantams in all, 6 ladies, 1 gentleman ( and he really is a little gentleman). But I often hear 2 voices crowing, never managed to see who it was though, Penguin managed to see who it was on halloween, standing loud and proud was Valerie! My stunning Valerie! We laughed so much, he was clearly a little dude. So, Valerie is now Vlad and Countess Vlad has become Valerie! Chicken life is never boring that’s for sure!

Vlad the rooster
Gorgeous Vlad!

Look at him! Such a pretty boy! He absolutely loves the other guy, Noot Noot. Noot Noot is tiny and Vlad is big so he makes sure the ladies don’t pick on him.

As it was halloween this week I gave the chickens a little pumpkin so they could play with it and eat it. It was a huge hit, they pecked at it for ages, I eventually opened it for them and they all dived straight in. Did you know that pumpkin seeds are natural wormers for chickens? Yep! Don’t rely solely on them though as worm burdens are very dangerous for them.

Gladys pumpkin
Gladys checking out the pumpkin first!
Dorothy biting me and Gladys photo bombing!
Pumpkin chickens
What is this curious thing?

Gladys is my oldest chicken, she is 4, she’s one of my origionals along with Ethel. She is top of the pecking order and loves her Mummy, although she is a bit more stand offish these days, she’s turning into a grumpy old lady! She likes to show me that she is boss by running up to me, scratching me and running off! Cheeky!

Dorothy is really funny, she is always the one to bite you first, she’s not agressive, just curious. She also loves snuggling with me.

In the bottom photo, starting bottom left, Vlad, Noot Noot, Enid and Valerie. They all have such different personalities, each are loving in their own way. Enid has an ‘in your face’ kind of love, Valerie is shy but will let me pick her up and Noot Noot likes to be kissed! Their antics entertain me daily, I’m sure you will hear from them again soon!

Until next time…


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