So you wanna be a writer?

Why yes, actually I do! But there are so many paths to follow, places to start and people to look up too that knowing where to start is actually quite daunting. I am starting the process myself and I have to say that I have read everything in the world about how to begin as a writer (ok, maybe not everything, but almost!) and I can honestly say that while I am glad I did it the first place I should have looked was in me. Sounds obvious right? Well not exactly, it’s easier to follow a path someone has set out for you.

It doesn’t matter where you write as long as you are writing. I write everywhere, even in a diner!

There are many places that will claim to get you published in 10 steps which is awesome and they do have some great stuff to offer, but remember that just because you CAN publish your work doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Does your work reflect the type of writer you are or are you writing to someone elses specification? I have looked into writing chapter books so many times and always dismissed short stories because I thought I was going to be immediately good at writing long books as my imagination is so vivid. Learn from my mistakes dear friends. I have planned lots of books, written the first 2 chapters of many many books and then stopped. Chapter 3 is my nemesis! I just can’t get passed it. It’s ridiculous. A new friend of mine had a writing group on facebook, I’m always wary of joining groups like that, I cant perform under pressure. But I was pleasently surprised, there was no pressure, just support, not just in writing but in everyday life too which is refreshing. This is where I was encouraged to try writing a short story and that not every idea is strong enough to carry a book. This resonated with me. Why am I trying to write an entire book and not trying other things? The answer is simple, because everything I read lead me on the path to a book not a short story. So I’ve done it. I have written my first short story. I loved writing it and I will definately be writing more. I may even tease you with titles and snippets!

I will offer you prompts, ideas and my own journey in the hopes that you too can find the writer within!

Until next time…..


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