Why being  different isn’t bad

I’m different. In many ways. my friends say I’m quirky, people that don’t know me think I’m weird, My chickens think I’m great, but that’s another story. I am registered disabled, one of my conditions causes me to shake, all the time. Noticibly and uncontrollably. People stare, and thats fine. People ask questions and that’s fine too. People tell their kids not to stare, that’s NOT fine, not at all. Children are curious, they have the right to be, they may have never seen someone like me before and their parents leading them away from me just reinforces the fact that disabled people are not to be approached. Let them approach me, so my face is wonky on one side, I shake, I have the voice of a teenage boy despite being a grown woman, why shouldn’t they look? Why shouldn’t they ask questions? They will grow up to be very tolerant adults if we teach them not to be judgemental children. 

Me and Vlad
Vlad did not want you to see my wonky face!

I have the imagination of a child, I can engage them with stories off the cuff or play dragons with them, or be Elsa from Frozen. I see that as a gift, not something everyone has, I feel privalidged to have my inner child being  very much an outer child. Don’t fear people for being different, celebrate them. If I can inspire one person to change the way they see themselves and embrace their quirks I will be one very happy lady.

I often forget how different I must look to the rest of society, am I scary? Am I odd? Do people even notice? Well yeah, people notice, especially when I’m spilling stuff or using the word ‘twix’ out of context or in place of other words so I make no sense at all. Or when I refer to myself as ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ (which actually isn’t my fault, a miss diagnosis lead to me calling my brain virus Brian, hence the ‘we’).

So there you have it. This is me. In all my quirky glory.

Until next time friends…..


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