A time to be thankful

It’s Thanksgiving time in America at the moment but the holiday cheer and spirit of it spreads throughout the world. I like that. I like that something that promotes happiness is so wide spread. 

What am I thankful for? How kind of you to ask! I am thankful for my family and friends. Very cliché I know but I am. They are amazing.

But I am also thankful for lots of other little things, I love the autumnal leaves, the way Luna (my dog) runs with her bum tucked under and my imagination. Oh, and Starbucks new fudge hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate
Mmmm Fudge Hot Chocolate!

It’s ok to be thankful for material things too, sometimes you need something material to make you feel  better (no, I am not materialistic), everyone in England knows that if something is not right the first thing to do is offer a cup of tea! 

So what are you thankful for?

Until next time….


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