Come on lady, sort it out!

What is wrong with me? I want to blog, I love to write, sometimes I even have something interesting to say! But I just kind of don’t write. Don’t blog. Don’t really do organisation well! I am one of these people with big ideas of how I shall learn to plan and organise and that this time I’ve cracked it, but in the end, I just go back to my idea with no follow through. This is another one of these times, I clearly do not learn from my mistakes! But there has to be a break in the cycle right? Let’s try it…..

So what genius idea have I come up with this time? Well it’s a recycled one really, but with a new twist! It’s my usual ‘I will get a planner and plan everything’ idea but usually I get a pretty one and it seems amazing but truth be told I have no idea how to use them properly. So here is the twist, I’m getting a ‘happy planner’ from create 365, but I have worked out my own set up that actually works for me (I hope!). If I find something astheticslly pleasing I will usually stick with it, I’m like a magpie really! This is the planner I want….

How pretty is that? It’s so perfectly me, it could have been made especially for me! Flowers always capture my attention. Inside it I will have meal plans, symptom trackers, activity log, blog post plan, usual planner stuff like birthdays etc and a ‘to do’ list that ?? can write on so I don’t forget to do stuff I’m supposed to (short term memory issues suck!).

Sounds pretty nifty huh? Well I shall show you around it when I am all set up, and lets see if 2017 will be the year I get my crap together!

Until next time…..

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