Girl Guiding

Guess who has become a brownie leader? Yep! Me! I’ve found a great pack that I get along with, I love both the girls and the other leaders. How lucky am I? 

Trefoil tshirt
Proud to wear the trefoil

This is my leaders uniform, I actually feel really proud when I wear it. I am a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to hobbies and groups, I am also a member of the Womens Institute (more on that in another post). I enjoy traditional crafts too such as crocheting and sewing, I hope to pass this on to the girls. To inspire them, guide them, and care for them. It’s strange how much I have come to care for them all already, I feel very protective of them and want them to have the best of everything.

Camp blanket
Tawny’s camp blanket

My camp blanket. The second. As you can see this one has my Tawny Owl badge at the very top, because that’s who I am, Tawny Owl! I was a brownie and then a guide when I was little and had a marvellous sash and camp blanket nut unfortunately we had a house fire in October and it was sadly burnt, but luckily as I have a new pack I can start again. I love collecting patches, there is something very happy and satisfying about it.

Volunteering is such an important part of life, especially now, when children are taught to get whatever they can from people because they are entitled to it. This is not taught at schools or at home it is simply teaching through watching. Where are all the positive rolemodels? I know there are some good ones out there but the likes of the reality tv stars are not the type of rolemodels I would like the girls to follow. I would rather they looked up to people like Kate Middleton or Michelle Obama, both advocate volunteering in order to better yourself and help others. I want to be that type of rolemodel for the girls. I want to be positive.

We have lots of adventures coming up this year, I will tell you all about them  in good time, but for now I shall leave you with my favourite quote from out last meeting – 

“Can we have a meeting about faberge eggs?” – a 9 year olds response to which theme she would like for a meeting!

Until next time friends……

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