Crochet is calling me!

So, quite a few years ago I learnt how to crochet, I was never very good at it, I could only really do chains, so basically scarfs, oh and a Granny Square, but that took me hours to do just one! You could say that I was a bit rubbish! 🙂 I lost everything I crochet in the fire we had in October, all 15 granny squares!

But, I decided that I wanted to try again, even though I have a neurological movement disorder, I wanted to give it a go again. I’ve always loved crochet and yarn in general and I wanted something to help me with my hand movement, and truth be told, I am in love with Lucy at Attic24, which by the way if you haven’t visited then go and do that now, it’s amazing! She has the ability to draw you in with her wonderful pictures, beautiful crochet work and charming way of writing.  She will inspire you, I promise! Between Lucy and another wonderful lady called Sarah Jane, over at Bella Coco I have learnt to crochet a granny square! (Insert fanfare). Bella Coco has the best youtube tutorials, she explains it clearly and precisely and shows you literally step by step how to create beautiful things. She is my other girl crush. Go and see her too, seriously, you will fall in love!

I gathered my supplies……….


Crochet Supplies

I am using Drops cotton light in 3 colours and my amazing gnome hook that my lovely mother in law made me for Christmas. It is a size 5mm, the yarn calls for a 4mm one but I only had this hook when I began so I figured it would just be a bit loose 🙂 Obviously the love heart sweets were essential!

After watching the Bella Coco tutorial online, I was off! It took me over an hour to do my first square, but I was pretty pleased with it…….


First Crochet Square

Ta da!!! What do you think? Iy’s not perfect but I will get better as I go along. I am pleased that I managed to even do one considering that I can’t hold anything still 🙂

I went on to make a few more, not many as they take me so long……..


More Granny Square Goodness!


They are not neat, we can all see that, but they are mine, and that’s pretty special. I need to work on my joining and counting skills as I’ve added a few stitches here and there, but I’m making an infinity scarf so I figured it wouldn’t matter too much this time. There is a 4th square but it’s ridiculous, it’s massive and not square, I was clearly having a bad day! Haha!

Something I did learn was that when you are a beginner using a yarn that is made up of tiny threads of cotton makes things a bit more difficult as it splits quite easily. The yarn itself is really lovely, quite soft and looks nice when it’s done but I found it tricky. The colour difference between the blue and green is very very subtle (this is the bottom square on the above picture) so if you are after a more striking contrast you might want to choose a different palette.

I will let you know my progress.

Until next time…..




3 thoughts on “Crochet is calling me!

  1. I love the gnome hook! You’re squares are just fine. When you put time and effort into making something it matters much less how it looks than how it made you feel when you were making it! Good job! 😀


  2. I too learned from Bella Coco. She truly is amazing. And you granny squares are wonderful! and as you said, they’re yours which makes them all too special. I’m sure when you connect them they will look great. Besides, Picasso’s all about lopsided faces and miscalculated distances 😉 so you’re on the right track! hehe


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