Can I handle the pressure?!

I have joined a writers challege called ‘Chapter Book Challenge’ or ‘ChaBooCha’ for short (extra points and a great big smile if you sang that to the tune of Kate Bush’s Babooshka!) 


The concept is very cool; it encourages you to write a chapter book in the month of march. Simple. But, I have never written a book before, so this is quite a challenge. Luckily for me the lovely lady who runs it (Rebecca Fyfe, go check her out) has organised some guest posts from authors and publishers and everyone is very supportive of eachother. I’m both excited and scared.

It’s day 2. My word count is 0. I have never experienced true writers block before but I have it right now. I’m struggling to even articulate this post desr friends! I should have planned for this better, I thought I was a whimsical panster but it seems I am indeed a meticulous planner.

Lesson one, I am not a panster.

I shall keep you updated with my progress, or possibly lack of, depending on if I can remove myself from this block.

How do you overcome writers block? Surely I’m not alone? I’m not even a writer yet!

Until next time….


2 thoughts on “Can I handle the pressure?!

  1. I am not much of a writer, other than blogs, but my husband is an author and he suffers sometimes with not so much writer’s block but disinterest – he writes in fits and starts. I would just want to start writing a chapter book because “ChaBooCha” is an awesome name for an writing event! 😀

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