It’s all go here…

As the title says, it’s all go here! I recently took part in chapter book challenge (remember we spoke about it last time?) Well I only went and won a bloomin kindle! (Insert excited face and happy dance). I absolutely loved being part of a writing group for that month, I learnt so much from my peers. I also gained momentum with my book! Go me!

While we are on the subject of my book, I have a question for all you writer peeps out there… don’t judge me ….. we are all friends here….. but I want to know if it’s normal to talk to your main character? When I am planning or writing or procrastinating I tend to talk to my main character. I have always talked to myself, thats just one of my many ridiculous quirks but now I appear to have an entire friend….. who talks back!! Tell me straight folks….. have I lost the plot?

In other news, girlguiding is going well, we have really made progress in the unit. The girls still make me laugh with their innocent comments, my favourite from this week was ‘Tawny Owl, what are all those lines on your head?’ While pulling a sweet smile and touching my forehead. I told her they were the stripes I earnt for working hard, when truth be told we all knew they were wrinkles!

So what have you guys been up too? Anything cool?


4 thoughts on “It’s all go here…

  1. Congratulations on your Kindle win! My stories are very short, so I don’t really develop a friendship with my characters. I actually don’t even give them names. I think it’s absolutely normal to develop a relationship with them. How could you not??? πŸ™‚


      1. I used to play outside with sticks like they were dolls when I was little. I called them stick people and would sit outside for hours and hours pretending that a flat rock was their home. πŸ™‚


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