Where are the crows?

I have been learning a lot about corvids recently, you know, crows, ravens, jackdaws and the like and they seem to have a bad press. I would like to challenge their reputation by making friends with them. Stay with me on this people, it will all make sense!

Corvids are seen as scary death birds and lots of them are shooed away from bird feeders for being too big and either breaking the feeders or scaring the smaller birds away (this would not be your view if you’ve ever seen 2 bluetits fight!). When in actual fact they are very clever birds, for example did you know that they never forget a face and will recognise those that are kind to them or those who are unkind to them, they even go as far as gossiping about you! 

So phase one of infiltrating their friendship group is to locate some. Sounds ridiculous but there was a derelict house next door to us that was bought and now 2 houses are near completion on the land, but before they were built about 6 jackdaws would hang out in the old house. I haven’t seen them for a while but I noticed a couple on the shed roof last week, these are my target birds. I am just hoping they return, because if they don’t then my efforts will be in vein! Also part of phase one is getting them a ‘corvid only’ bird feeder, I have chosen the one I want, its got crows on it! Check it out!

Go ahead and tell me thats not amazing? I hope the crows like it!!

I will let you know how it goes!

Until next time…..


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