Phase 2 of ‘Crow friendship’

I’ve done it! I’ve located a bird, it’s a jackdaw who I have lovingly called ‘Cadillac’, no idea why, it just felt right! Anyway,  Penguin put the bird feeder he got me up and I filled it with sweets for the birds and within a day, low and behold a beautiful Jackdaw arrived!


I am so pleased that he found the feeder, now I have to make sure he comes back each day! I have named him Cadillac!

For those of you who are interested I have put a pre-mixed bird seed out for him, this one has insects in it so its good for lots of different birds.

Do you feed the birds in your garden?

Until next time 


5 thoughts on “Phase 2 of ‘Crow friendship’

  1. I recently watched a documentary that had a segment about crows – apparently a little girl had been feeding them and they started bringing her little gifts – bits of things like yarn and assorted shiny things they would find. Eventually they even started bringing her little toys and seashells! 😀


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