Confidence…..Where is it?

I haven’t kept my promise of writing regular blog posts and it’s been bothering me. I love writing, I love words and I love sharing it but recently I have not been able to get into the flow of anything. Then it hit me, I am scared, scared of writing, scared of reading it and scared of you dear reader. What if you hate it? What if you judge me? What if I fail? What if I’m boring? Standard stuff.

Putting your writing out there is a pretty big step, I won’t lie, when I started this blog I thought I would write about all these fun little things I would do and make you laugh and make new friends but it’s actually really hard. Much harder than I thought it would be. Every time I write a blog post I edit it………and edit it………and edit it…….and edit it, it’s ridiculous, then after all that I delete it.


Inquisitive Luna
Such a cute distraction!

I also have this little bear as a distraction, she likes to ‘help’ when I am reading or writing and I can’t resist. She thinks everything I write is brilliant, I read it to her and she listens intently and hangs off my every word. That’s the kind of writing I want to be able to share, something that will capture you and make you listen, but I am afraid of rejection, aren’t we all though?!

But, we will never get anywhere in life if we are afraid all the time, so I am trying again, even though I’m scared, even though you might judge me and even if no-one reads it!

How do you write when you lack confidence?

Until next time…



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