A change of planner!

Did you see what I did there with the title?! Clever huh? πŸ™‚ Ah, little things please little minds.

So are you a hard core planner user? Do you dabble in the world of planning, just dipping your toe in to see if the waters good? Or are you a casual planner, just a light fling?

I am somewhere between dipping my toe in and being hardcore, recently I have found a wau to make my planner work for me. I needed an interchangeable one as I am too sporadic to use a fixed one and my 2 favourites without a doubt are the Happy Planner and Websterspages. Both very different and offer different things. At the moment I am using my colour splash websterspages filofax which looks like this – 

Pretty awesome! I can change the inside as much as I like and move it all around until it suits me. I like the carpe diem ‘posh’ or ‘retro girl’ range, they are both pretty and functional. I also LOVE stickers. I use them all the time to customise stuff or as little codes so no one that looks in my planner knows what I mean, have I told you how much I love secrets? Even my planner has a secret code! 😁 I know, I’m weird!

Ta da! My week!

I use a dash board and a bookmark to make sure I stay on top of tasks I need to do each week. 

How do you keep on top of things? Plannet? Bujo? Wing it?

Take care!


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